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As I began breast pumping for my last baby, Gabrielle, I searched the internet for information about pumping, breast milk supply, and many other issues related to feeding my baby girl healthy breast milk. Though I found much of the information that I was seeking, I had to search over several websites with differing information. I decided there needed to be a central location to help moms get the necessary information that they needed for breast pumping and feeding their baby. Over the past few years, I received numerous emails and questions from moms and have added to the list of frequently asked questions and articles. This website is an on-going passion that I have to help mothers and hope that we can help many mommies searching for that golden nugget to help them through this exciting, exhausting, and sometimes confusing time in their life.
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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Breast pumping how-to video

Moms, this great video gives some basics of breast pumping. See a real mom, using the breast pump to express milk for her baby. A lactation consultant also gives some very helpful advice. Hope this helps answer some questions for new breast pumping mothers.

This video much needed visual support that was not readily available until you tube.

If you have questions after watching this video, please email me. I will be happy to help.

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